“Contrary to the title, the culture of Mars Hill and Driscoll has not been dismantled. We would be remiss in only exploring the long-existing macro-issues of the church, charismatic leaders, power issues, and spiritual abuse, through a re-telling of Mars Hill’s narrative.”

Like the author of the Psalms, Kanye’s proclamations are embedded with his identity as a speaker in a distinct time in place. Kanye’s gospel isn’t generic, our cultural conscience makes it deeply personal.

We would be remiss to believe that the challenges that teachers are experiencing during COVID-19 are temporal. For many teachers, the sense of burnout is not purely the result of the shift to virtual and hybrid learning models but the continuation of educational inequity that has long defined the profession…

I understood the sandwich criticism generation: I have received participation ribbons since preschool and received stickers for a B+ (which I am convinced stands for “BUT you could do better”).

“Gaines’ popularity testifies to the continued patriarchal cult of domesticity in contemporary suburban placemaking practices.”

Lydia Kulina

Educator and writer. Witty, gritty, and wise. Learner and doer.

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